Plans in the works to build retail, restaurant complex in Kingsport

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) – Plans are in the works to build a retail and restaurant complex in Kingsport.

The name of the proposed new development will be Allandale Crossing.

The project is still in the early stages right now, but the concept plan includes turning the former armory property, located at the intersection of West Stone Drive and Netherland Inn Road, into a retail and restaurant site.

“It includes a concept of 5 different restaurants, one being a coffee shop potentially,” said Lynn Tully, the city’s Development Services Director. “It also includes several free standing retail facilities and one of those being a convenience store as well. And then it’s got an inline retail facility which is what you would typically call a strip shopping center.”

Tully said the tenants have not yet been identified.

“I know that the developer has been working very diligently with several different franchises in order to come to this area,” said Tully.

“I think that the more opportunities that we have the better,” said Jenifer Murray, who works in Kingsport.

Murray said she often visits a retail site across the street on her lunch break and said she will now consider heading to this new development.

Tully said the project offers an opportunity to bring more shopping and dining to the area.

“I would say that this was one of the areas that we hear about frequently that is under served in retail, and so we are really excited to see someone bringing some new concepts there,” said Tully.

Tully said there is no time frame yet on when construction will start. She told us they expect to know some of the tenants who will move in within the next six months.

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