CHPD detectives investigating counterfeit currency at area banks, businesses

(Courtesy of CHPD)

CHURCH HILL, TN (WJHL) – Church Hill Police Department officers are asking for the public’s help in identifying those responsible for passing and trying to pass counterfeit currency at area businesses.

According to a CHPD news release, the police department has received over a dozen complaints from banks and local businesses about counterfeit money since the beginning of May.

Police said the counterfeit currency ranges from $1 to $100 bills.

According to CHPD, some of the counterfeit money was passed through numerous people before it was discovered to be fake.

On Wednesday, CHPD officers responded to McDonald’s on Silver Lake Road around noon in reference to a $50 counterfeit bill that had been passed to a cashier in the drive-thru.

The cashier marked the bill with a counterfeit pen and went to get a manager. While the cashier turned away, the suspect then accelerated through the drive-thru and quickly drove from the area.

The suspect’s vehicle is believed to be a dark green 2000’s model Toyota Tacoma, with an extended cab and a regular sized bed.

(Courtesy of CHPD)

According to the release, there is no front vanity plate on the truck and the paint appears to be peeling on the truck’s hood and roof area.

A sticker was also seen on the red bed areas of the truck.

(Courtesy of CHPD)

Three male occupants were inside the truck in the drive-thru. The driver had longer blonde hair and appeared to have a slim to medium build.

The front seat passenger’s face and hair cannot be seen in the video, but reportedly had a heavy set build.

Details about the third passenger are unknown.

Anyone with information is asked to call Det. Ethan Mays at 357-3487, ext. 2.

Anonymous tips can also be sent to

CHPD officials are also reminding area businesses to remain vigilant when taking currency.

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