TVA releases Boone Dam numbers in a 2-year progress report

The Tennessee Valley Authority announced Tuesday it plans to announce its long-term solution for water seepage and soil erosion under Boone Dam at a meeting in Johnson city on Thursday, July 30th.

BOONE LAKE (WJHL) -TVA continues to assure the public that repair work at Boone Dam is moving forward and on schedule.

Tuesday, the federal agency issued a Two-year progress report in its Boone Project Update saying work to stop seepage under the dam remains on track.

TVA released specific numbers to quantify the amount of work done since December 2015 including the number of man hours and the amount of grout used to fill voids in the earthen embankment.

According to TVA, the following has been accomplished at Boone Dam:

• 649,036 total man hours

• 800 holes drilled and filled with grout

• 239 average concrete truck loads (2,388 cubic yards) of grout

In the update, TVA said people will notice work being done this summer on a rock berm upstream of the dam which is part of the design to provide additional stability.

Last week, TVA responded to rumors about the project.

According to the update, TVA said its engineers are still evaluating repair work to see if what’s been done so far is working, but that the target remains for completion between 2020 and 2022.

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