What’s Working: 4H Project Service Day

WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – Students from all 8 counties in upper East Tennessee had a day of fun at 4-H Project Service Day at the Appalachian Fairgrounds.

“Our 4-H motto is to’ make the best better and learn by doing’,” said Coordinator Connie Sharp.

A cut in state funding 14 years ago led to the beginning of Project Service Day. It’s grown over the years from about 60 students to nearly 110 students this year.

“The more [it is] hands-on  — you retain 80 to 90 percent of your knowledge,” said Sharp

These 4th to 8th-grade students do a lot. They pick three projects out of a wide variety of activities.

“We have horses today so they are learning about Hippology and how to raise and show horses,

Dairy cattle where they are actually milking a cow and that’s a great experience for a lot of kids especially city kids, and they are making ice cream in a bag, woodworking classes where they are making a birdhouse” said Sharp.

Another project: “It’s Electric Camp” the Johnson City Powerboard has been apart of 4-H Project Service Day for all 14 years.

“We like to take part in community activities and educate the kids on the safeties of electricity,” said Johnson City Powerboard Sr. Advisor Patrick Phipps.

With an aluminum can, and some materials the students make learn electricity by building a lamp.

:”It’s been wonderful to be a part of. It’s especially wonderful when you see them plug that lamp in and see that light bulb come on,” said Phipps

And that’s what 4H Project Service Day is all about. “Every kid wants to have fun,” said Sharp.

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