Coty and Gerald Sensabaugh now part of old NFL rivalry

KINGSPORT, TN- The 5th annual Sensabaugh Camp Classic wrapped up this past weekend, reuniting Kingsport cousins Coty and Gerald on the gridiron.

The two have always been very close, feeling more like brothers than cousins. But family dinners may become a little more contensious this year, as Coty joins the black and gold this season.

Gerald played for Dallas from 2009 until 2013. The Steelers and Cowboys have a storied rivalry, battling for NFL supremacy in the 70’s and 90’s. The two teams met twice in the Super Bowl in the 70’s, with Pittsburgh winning both games.

Dallas got revenge in 1996, defeating the Steelers in Super Bowl XXX. The rivalry has cooled a bit since then, as the two teams only play one another every four years. Fans, however, will still argue over which NFL franchise is greater.

Coty and Gerald battled with one another as kids and now their bragging rights will spill into Sundays.

“I know Coty’s super excited about playing there,” Gerald said. “I know I was at Dallas and that was a rival team. Pittsburgh and Dallas rivalry is pretty big, but I’m so happy for Coty to be able to pursue his dream even further and play for a team like Pittsburgh.”

“Sibling type rivalry going on,” Coty said. “He’s always motivated me to be better and I’m sure I’ve done the same for him, even though I’m younger than him. It’s just something that we carry. We always want to be better than each other and we always wanted to beat each other growing up. That’s just part of it when you grow up together.”


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