Coty Sensabaugh holds 5th Sensabaugh Camp Classic at Dobyns-Bennett

KINGSPORT, TN- Kids laced up their football cleats and hit the field at J. Fred Johnson Stadium Saturday morning for the 5th annual Sensabaugh Camp Classic.

The camp is headlined by former Dobyns-Bennett Indian, Coty Sensabaugh, who signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers this offseason. His cousin, Gerald Sensabaugh, is also a big part of the camp. Gerald, a former Dallas Cowboy, is the new head football coach at David Crockett.

The camp is for kids ages 6-17 trying to improve their skills on the field. It’s a fun day, not just for the kids, but for the Sensabaughs, who are eager to come and give back to a community that has meant so much to them.

“It means everything,” said Coty Sensabaugh. “Just putting a smile on these kids faces and coming out here and putting a smile on my own face. It’s just something that we want to do for the community and we just enjoy giving back. It’s just a special atmosphere and I love doing it. I plan on continuing doing it.”

“This brings a lot of kids together from everywhere in the Tri-Cities,” said Gerald Sensabaugh. “He does a great job and this is an awesome event. I encourage everybody to come out every year. It’s growing and he’s doing a great job.”

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