VA at Mountain Home host veteran town hall

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Patients of the VA were invited to come and voice their concerns or compliments Wednesday night at a town hall hosted my the hospital. 

After the concerns were made, the veterans were then pointed to a department head who could address their concerns immediately in order to expedite a solution to their problem. 

Some of the departments represented were mental health, social care and transition management, health care for homeless veterans, readjustment, and patient advocacy among others. 

Wait times are a concern of patients. The VA said since the completion of the upgrade to the emergency room, those wait times are getting faster. 

Another area of concern was travel and the drawback of opioid treatment. 

VA Director Dean Borsos said that educating the patients on all means of travel that were available to them was a vital part in making sure the patients have adequate means to get to appointments and procedures.   

“Veterans, for the most part, are entitled to travel benefits but it has to meet certain criteria. We want to be more proactive so that the veterans will know what they’re entitled to receive and how they can receive that,” Boros said.

The reduction of opioid treatment is an area the VA is progressively working in. 

Borsos said the key to success is making sure the doctors are listening to their patients and explaining all of the options of pain treatment.  

“Please continue to talk to your primary care physician and your pain management team or if need be or multidisciplinary team. We want to make sure that they are getting the opportunity all options to help them improve their quality of life,” Boros said.

The goal of the town hall was to better address problems that veterans have experienced at the VA and find a solution as quickly as possible. 

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