Chris Blue talks about what’s next after journey from Knoxville to winner of ‘The Voice’


KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The man who turned Big Orange country blue is back home a little more than a week after his big win on “The Voice.”

Many in East Tennessee have been cheering him on through tweets, posts and downloads.

The stage at Cokesbury United Methodist Church has always been a comfort, a home and a place for Chris Blue to share his music. While he was in Hollywood, performing on “The Voice,” Blue says his faith was essential.

“I would always say and pray this to God, ‘Lord if you give me an opportunity to stand on this platform, then I’m going to give it back to You. I’m going to make sure that the people that are in this room, the people who are watching at home, I’m going to make sure I empty myself so that You can take over because I want them to experience You,’” said Blue.

He says each song he performed was a story, but one song meant more.

“Take Me To The King was special because that was, that was like my heartbeat. And that’s really what I believe God placed me on that platform to do.”

The big question is what does Blue plan on doing next?

“We’re working on music, working on the album some more, working on potentially just doing some really, really cool things coming up. The number one thing I want people to know is we’re not going to stop working hard,” he added.

This champion is carrying around a big WWE championship belt because he has two wins this year: “The Voice” and marrying his fiancee in July.

While life has been a whirlwind, Blue wants all of us to know, “Thank you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. It’s because of you guys the grace of God, of course, why we are here.”

Blue says it’s been an incredible experience getting to meet musicians like Shania Twain and he hopes that his fans continue to vote for him.

“Every download was a vote for the show and I need you to continue to download the songs, to help us win in life. Because, the truth of the matter is the world is still a pretty dark place and my goal and my purpose is to spread the light,” he said.

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