What’s Working: Johnson County Middle School wins National Title

JOHNSON COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – In 2015 Johnson County Middle School launched an ambitious adventure adding a robotics team. Two years later, that team is a world champion.  Their world champion robot —  an entire school year in the making.

News Channel 11 traveled to Mountain City to find out why “Jo-Co-Robo’s” are What’s Working this week.

The team of seven students won the state title.

“They started realizing hey we are good,” said Coach Susan Quave.

They beat out 160 middle school teams from as far away as Australia to earn the “World Create” award. for their robot’s unique design.

“We had gotten there and everybody was happy,” said 8th grader Dillon Trivette. “We were the only team there that had the three stage cascade lift.

“First, we used chains but that didn’t work so we started using rails and it worked like a train it moved up and down,” said Matty Peake.

But the robot also had to perform on the field, “The game is accomplished by moving stars and cubes to the opponents side and getting points for it,” said coach Quave.

The team worked through every problem that came along the way.

“The biggest thing was trial and error we had a few things coming off. We had the cascade breaking and falling apart,” said Trivette.  They documented it all in a notebook

“This is our original robot in the early part,” said Issac Brown.

“You have to explain ‘how did you build this?’, ‘how did you put this together?’, and ‘will it work?’ and ‘why?” said Lauren Paterson.

“Everyday, after we had a meeting, they would take little pieces of paper and they would write down what they did every day,” said Brown.

Now trophies and awards fill the robotics room.

“The World Competition Create Award,” said Hunter Graybeal.

The JOCO-Robos, will be forever known as world champions.

“This school was going crazy when we were performing on the field,” said Coach Quave.

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