91-year-old Nashville native now depicted on silo in The Nations

(Courtesy: Brian Greif, Nashville Walls Project)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The first part of the large-scale mural being painted on the old silo in The Nations is now complete.

Australian street artist Guido Van Helten finished painting the 160-foot-tall section on Wednesday.

He visited The Nations earlier this month to get to know the neighborhood and its residents for inspiration, trying to find someone to depict on the massive concrete structure.

Along the way, Van Helten met Lee Estes. The 91-year-old is a native Nashvillian who has lived in The Nations his entire life. Estes has been an active local volunteer for decades, helping underprivileged families in his neighborhood.

Van Helten wanted to choose someone who reflected the history and spirit of The Nations to paint on the silo, and Estes became his man.

(Courtesy: Brian Greif, Nashville Walls Project)

As that first part of the silo was finished Wednesday, work on the second section also began. The 130-foot tall 80-foot long section of the mural depicts two children from the St Luke’s Community House in the Nations.

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