Tri-Cities FC Otters expecting improvement in their second season

JOHNSON CITY —  The Tri Cities FC Otters are back for their second season in the professional Premier Development League.
Despite losses to South Carolina and Asheville this season, the Otters who will play their first game at home on June 6th are expecting big things this year.

“Coming off last season I think it’s a different learning experience because we worked out some kinks and stuff and i thought it was a good stepping stone so this season our expectations are higher.”
“Once we get everyone on the same page we are going to be really really good defensively and really really good offensively and I’m waiting it’s going to be a great season for us.”
“We looked at over 350 players and I think the quality that we brought in to be able to score goals the level of player has increased drastically so I really look for us to be in the top 3 teams in our whole division and make the playoffs this year.”

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