Former Knox County first lady accepts plea deal in cyber stalking case

Allison Burchett

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Mayor Tim Burchett’s ex-wife has accepted a plea deal in a cyberstalking case related to Bandit Lites CEO Mike Strickland’s estranged wife, Nicole Strickland.

As part of the deal, Allison Burchett is pleading guilty to six misdemeanor counts in the case. Four of the counts will run consecutively.

The deal sentenced her to four days shy of four years of supervised probation. Knox County District Attorney Charme Allen said if the case had gone to trial, Allison Burchett would have likely received only two years of supervised probation because Allison Burchett didn’t have a criminal history.

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In court Thursday, Senior Judge Don Ash reads a victim impact statement from Nicole Strickland before accepting the agreement. Strickland claims Allison Burchett hacked into her private and social media account. Allison Burchett was dating her estranged husband, Mike Strickland at the time.

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