PHOTOS: Tennessee man drives with passed out man on car trunk

(Source: CNN )

MEMPHIS, TN (CNN) – Imagine being stopped by police, only to be told you were stopped because there was someone on your car’s trunk! That recently happened to one man in Memphis.

“Mister, do you know that there’s a body on your trunk?” said Carl Webb.

That’s what Memphis police officer asked a stunned Carl Webb after he pulled him over.

“No, I didn’t know my trunk was open. He goes, mister, I’m not messing with you. There is a body on your trunk,” recounted Webb.

(Source: CNN)

Webb said he got out and saw an unconscious man lying on top of his trunk — lying there after Webb had been driving about 10 miles from a barbecue fest in Memphis on Thursday night.

The parked in a lot where Webb said there were more than 100 cars parked and it was not well lit.

“And we had backed into our parking spot and we approached the car from the front,” said Webb.

Webb says he and his wife never saw the man.

A police officer working traffic saw the body and stopped Webb.

The officer woke the man.

(Source: CNN)

“He finally got him to his feet. He took a step and a half like that into I-40 and that police officer was on him like that,” said Webb.

Saving the man’s life, Webb says the man was disoriented and didn’t know how he ended up on the back of Webb’s car.

Webb has high praise for the officer who he says handled the situation extremely well.

He also has advice for the man on the trunk.

“Man, you need to really think what you are doing with your life because it almost ended that night,” said Webb.

The man found on the car’s trunk was taken away by the officer. It’s not clear if he’s facing any charges.


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