Dobbs surprises his high school at graduation, signs with Steelers

Josh Dobbs presented a $5,000 check from Jon Gruden to the Alpharetta High football program.

(AP Photo/Wade Payne)

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (WATE) – A lot has changed for former Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs in the last month, but his character and heart have not.

When he was on Jon Gruden’s Quarterback Camp, Jon Gruden presented him with a $5,000 check to give his high school football program. As part of Gruden’s organization, the FFCA, he gave a check to each of the quarterbacks on the show to pass along to their alma mater.

Dobbs wanted to do one better.

“Just to personally thank them for everything that the school and the community have done for me,” Dobbs.

He showed up to the Alpharetta High school graduation to present the check in person.

“Not surprising I should say coming from Josh Dobbs. He’s a generous good-hearted young man,” said Gruden. “Hopefully the money that he donates to Alpharetta can help their football program and encourage other kids to come out and play.”

Gruden was not surprised with the gesture, but students at Alpharetta High school were.

“They kept it as a surprise, so many of the students didn’t really know I was there until they all entered the room and were walking in the line and everything,” said Dobbs. “So I definitely got some looks, got a great applause at the beginning and then got a standing ovation at the end. So it was very humbling because of a lot of these kids, they’re related to my classmates. I’ve known these kids since they were four or five years old and I saw them grow up. So it was cool to go back and see a lot of familiar faces and see how far they’ve come and just reconnect with them. It was a great experience, I was glad I was able to do it.”

He’s a little busy right now as an NFL rookie. Dobbs actually flew in from Los Angeles earlier that day, but he just really wanted to be there in person.

“I’ve lived in Alpharetta since I was five… I grew up here.. these are where my roots are so there’s a lot of great memories shared. You know, just from the neighborhood. So not only you know, the Alpharetta High school itself, but just the entire community,” said Dobbs.

The Pittsburg Steelers announced on Monday Dobbs was signed to the team.

Dobbs tweeted: “Blessed to be officially a part of the great Steelers fam!”

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