Interstate 26 through Johnson City to be repaved next year

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL-TV) – All of the rough spots, uneven sections and pot holes along Interstate 26 through Johnson City will be a thing of the past late next year.

It was announced this morning at Rusty Crowe’s town hall meeting in Erwin about the IMPROVE Act and upcoming road and bridge projects that I-26 from Boones Creek Road to University Parkway will be resurfaced in 2018.

“If you’ve driven the roadway, you know that the surface isn’t exactly the smoothest that you will be on. You know, the rougher the road, it’s hard on vehicles when the road is rough. So it is important to get these roads as smooth as possible for the traveling public.”, TDOT District Operations Manager Randy Busler said.

Currently, the portion of I-26 from the Sullivan Co. line to the Boones Creek exit is being resurfaced. That project is expected to be wrapped by August. All of that work is being done at night, as would next year’s project on I-26 thru Johnson City to help alleviate pressure on rush hour traffic.

Another reason that this section of I-26 is in such rough shape is the weather in this area.

Busler added, “This area of the state has a little bit more extreme weather in the winter than other parts of the state and we do see a lot of issues with our pot holes and with our road surfaces that have some age on them with the freeze and thaw.”

The estimated cost of the repaving project thru Johnson City is around $5 million and is expected to begin in the spring of next year. Right around this time. This project is part of TDOT’s regular paving schedule and is not part of the IMPROVE Act projects.

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