ETSU president fires Dr. David Champouillon

Dr. David Champouillon (Source: ETSU)

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – East Tennessee State University’s president is upholding a committee’s recommendation to fire tenured music professor Dr. David Champouillon, according to university records.

Dr. Brian Noland notified the longtime employee of his decision Friday in a one-page letter.

“Your employment at East Tennessee State University is terminated effective immediately,” the letter said.

The decision follows a termination hearing and internal investigation that found Dr. Champouillon sexually harassed two faculty members and behaved inappropriately in front of faculty and students.

Dr. Noland’s decision followed a meeting with Dr. Champouillon in March.

The letter said in part:

“After thoughtful deliberation and review of the evidence set forth in the Report and the Record, I make the following findings:

  1. I concur with the findings and conclusions of the Committee that capricious disregard of accepted standards of professional conduct has been proven by clear and convincing evidence set forth in the Record.
  2. Based on the testimony set forth in the transcripts, including the testimony of witnesses at the hearing, I concur with the unanimous Committee recommendation that termination of employment for cause is warranted and appropriate.”

Dr. Champouillon, the now former director of ETSU Jazz Studies, denies the allegations.

His attorney previously told us they intended to fight the case all the way.

When contacted today, attorney Jim Culp said it’s too early to tell the next step, if any.

“We’re disappointed of the outcome, but we understand these things and we will be studying the situation and deciding what happens, if anything, next,” Culp said. “At the moment, it’s too early to know that.”

When the investigation started, ETSU was under the governance of the Tennessee Board of Regents. The university now has its own board.

“We’re going to look at that as to what that means, because it could have implications for an appeal,” Culp said.

ETSU spokesperson Joe Smith said Dr. Champouillon has a right to appeal to the new board.

Until today, Dr. Champouillon had remained on paid administrative leave since September.

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