Speeding a concern for Sullivan Co. homeowners, commissioners looking to make changes

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) – Concerns about speeding in two Sullivan County neighborhoods have county commissioners taking action.

Some county commissioners are hoping to post 25 Mile per Hour speed limit signs on Spardale and Crystal View streets in Kingsport, to help slow drivers down.

“You hear a roaring and you hear the speed of the car and everything and just zoom down the road,” said Crystal View Street resident Roger Estep.

Estep has lived on Crystal View for decades, but recently he’s been worried by cars speeding through his neighborhood.

“We’ve hollered at them before to slow down, but with that much speed they’re not listening and they can’t hear you,” Estep said.

Estep said not only does he think speeding is dangerous since the road is so narrow, but with kids living nearby, he’s worried for their safety.

“Makes you wonder can they stop in time if some little kid runs out,” he said.

That’s why he put a sign in his front yard that reads “drive like your kids live here” and reached out to Sullivan County commissioner Terry Harkleroad.

“We’re just trying to slow traffic down,” Harkleroad said.

Harkleroad is hoping to have 25 MPH speed limit signs posted along Crystal View Street to slow drivers down, because right now, he said, the street doesn’t have any speed signs posted.

“I’ve witnessed cars going at least 40 miles per hour down through there, which is way too fast for that street,” said Harkleroad.

He also co-sponsored a request to have the same speed limit signs posted on Spardale Street in Kingsport.

“We just don’t want any fatalities or really bad accidents,” Harkleroad said.

Both of those requests are up for a final vote at Monday’s Sullivan County commission meeting.

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