Brianna Kite is this week’s Educator of the Week

This week’s Educator of the Week has spent a decade at the head of the class.

She’s taught everything from Kindergarten to 6th grade and she’s found a home this year in fifth


Brianna Kite admits she has a science brain.  That’s why she loves her job teaching 5th grade

science at Fairmount Elementary in Bristol, Tennessee.

Kite sees 87 students per day.   Her classroom looks much different from most thanks to a

grant she received earlier in the school year.

Standard desks and chairs have been replaced with unique desks and chairs and she has

seen an immediate difference in her students

<“Just keeping the kids active was really important.  I wanted to have a classroom environment

where everyone was comfortable.  When we were in school it was sitting in those hard chairs.

sitting up straight all day long and that’s not necessarily the best environment for kids to learn,”

Said Kite.>

Congratulations to Brianna Kite, This Week’s Educator of the Week.

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