TBR: Full response not required after probe into Northeast State’s ‘vote of no confidence’

BLOUNTVILLE, TN (WJHL) – More than three months after a majority of the faculty at Northeast State Community College approved a resolution of ‘no confidence’ in the school’s president, Dr. Janice Gilliam, there are still no updates from the Tennessee Board of Regents on its investigation.

News Channel 11 reached out to the TBR on Thursday.

Director of Communications, Richard Locker, said he does not know when, or if, there will be a full response to the Faculty Senate resolution and said there were no updates in the investigation yet.

In February, the Faculty Senate took a vote.

98 faculty members said they did not have confidence in Dr. Gilliam’s leadership.

16 said they did have confidence.

Some concerns from Faculty Senate members were recent layoffs of five people at the college, class scheduling, and instructional freedom.

Because there was a two-thirds majority the TBR, which governs Northeast State, had a strategic team come to the school to investigate.

News Channel 11 was originally told the findings from the TBR strategic team would be revealed possibly in March.

But they have not been released yet.

The TBR said there is a full review underway. There have already been some interim actions take place, and Locker said there will likely be more action as the review continues.

But News Channel 11 was told a direct response to the faculty senate resolution does not necessarily have to happen.

Faculty Senate members said it did not have a response at this time.

Locker said he hopes to have more on the review within three to four weeks.

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