Bill to cover college tuition for adults heads to Tennessee governor for signature

NASHVILLE, TN (WJHL) — Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam plans to sign what he considers to be a groundbreaking law.

The Reconnect Act would allow adults to receive free college tuition at community and technical colleges.

Governor Haslam modeled the bill after the Tennessee Promise Scholarship Program. The General Assembly approved the measure and Governor Haslam said he will sign it into law.

Some eligible adults in the Tri-Cities say they may get their college degree through the Reconnect Act, especially those who said they did not see college as an option after high school.

“I was a little busy,” said Kaitlyn Honeycutt who lives in Johnson City. “And with a lot of grants and loans and things I feel like it can get complicated and there’s not very many people who know all of the answers. So maybe this is something else to learn about.”

Governor Haslam said the Reconnect Act would make Tennessee the first state in the nation to give free college to its citizens.

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