Tri-Cities area legislator proposing change to Tenn. constitution

NASHVILLE, TN (WJHL) – Tennessee is now one step closer to potentially changing the state constitution to include a statement saying “our liberties come from God.”

Republican, State Representative Micah Van Huss serves parts of Washington County, TN.

He introduced a resolution saying lawmakers should give citizens the power to reaffirm that their liberties do not come from government but from God. The resolution cleared the Tennessee House on Monday night.

“As a nation we are drifting from our founding. We are drifting from what’s important, and I think it’s important to give Tennesseans the opportunity. Our liberties do not come from President Trump, they do not come from Barack Obama or the King of England, they come from God,” Rep. Van Huss said.

Van Huss said that last month Tennessee’s House passed House Bill 1111 to give words like “mother” and “father” their meaning and we’ve never lived in a time such as we do now.

We asked people in the Tri-Cities, their thoughts on this wording. Katrina Mechell of Bluff City said it sounds like something she would support.

“I believe that everything should be based on the foundation of the nation.  ‘We are one nation under God’,” Mechell said.

Wallace Morrison of Greeneville, TN said it’s a gray area and he probably wouldn’t support it.

“There’s a lot of different religions and I think what you first have to do is establish which God you’re talking about, If I’m a person who believes in Christianity, I’m talking about a Christian god,” Morrison went on to discuss other religions that the resolution doesn’t address.

House Joint Resolution 0037 will not be picked up again until next year where it will go to the Senate. If passed in the General Assembly as well, citizens will get the chance to vote on the wording in the 2022 General Election.

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