Projects to improve railroad crossings, safety planned in Sullivan County

SULLIVAN COUNTY (WJHL) – Upgrades could soon be coming to two railroad crossings in Sullivan County, and the changes will have a big impact on safety.

Highway Commissioner Jim Belgeri said there are two projects to improve railroad crossings, one at Gray Road and another at Lane Hollow Road.

Belgeri said changes include adding new retro-reflective signs.

“It’s designed to reflect any kind of light much more in a much more eye catching way,” said Belgeri.

Another change includes widening the approaches, as well as the crossing itself at Gray Road, so two cars going different directions can more easily pass each other.

“If you’re able to pass, one of them could do the right thing without relying on the other. And the right thing is to clear the track,” said Belgeri.

Belgeri said it is up to the railroad to pay for the widening directly on top of the tracks, but a combination of federal and state funds will cover the other improvements, totaling about $19,000, with about $1,200 coming out of the county’s pocket.

“For $1,200 we are making an immense improvement in the safety of these two crossings,” Belgeri said.

Belgeri said work will probably begin after July 1.

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