Greene Co. deputies search for car theft suspect, 65 similar reports so far this year

GREENE COUNTY, TN (WJHL)-Greene County detectives said they need your help identifying a suspect caught on camera stealing a car.

The surveillance video was captured Monday at a gas station off Exit 44 on I-81.

You can see in that video the man is looking at several cars, getting close enough to look inside the windows.

Detective Sergeant Michelle Holt said the suspect was checking to see if he could find any set of keys in the ignition.

After just a few minutes, the suspect found what he was looking for and hopped in a 2014 red Toyota Camry, driving off in just a matter of seconds.

Detective Holt said this is just one of 65 stolen vehicle reports so far this year.

“If I was guessing, all this, probably 99 percent is drug related, so its not going to go down. One thing I’m noticing is that its going to happen, they are just waiting on the right vehicle to pull up, they are waiting for someone to leave their keys in the vehicle,” Holt said.

If you have any information that could help lead police to this suspect or the car, you are asked to call the Greene County Sheriff’s Department at 423-798-1800.

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