What’s working: Johnson County Health Science Lab

JOHNSON COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – Johnson County students Shahnoa Greene and Emilie Icenhour are well on their way to health care careers. 

“I took nursing ed first semester that’s when we got our CNA Certification.  I’ve actually used that to work at the nursing home here in town,” said Greene. “Right now I’m in a clinical internship and what that is where I can go to the hospital, nursing home, rescue squad.”

It’s all made possible by the state of the art  health science lab that is seven years in the making,
“This building is actually a masonry building,” said Teacher Sonya Hammons. “We have one of the best labs in the area for students to come in and practice,” said Teacher Tina Reece.

Those facilities draw the best of the best to launch their health careers. 

“We became a state test site. I wanted to give our students the home field advantage when they were taking the state certification test they were actually taking it in their lab,”  said Hammons.

Students can get nursing assistant, pharmacy tech, and EKG certifications before graduating
high school. “Without this lab, I don’t think a lot of us would be prepared,” said Greene.

Teachers Sonya Hammons and Tina Reece oversee the program. They’ve also seen an explosive group in HOSA, Health Occupational Students of America. 

“We started with 11, now we have 97 students who are in HOSA. We are bursting at the seems,” said Hammons

Enthusiasm and technology providing a launching pad for students and giving them the confidence to pursue their healthcare dreams.

“When they are finished, they are health care peers,” said Hammons.

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