What should you do if you’ve become the target of a scam?

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Scam victims often report feeling a range of emotions: fear, anger, shame, and a desire to help others.

Just ask Debbie Dobbs of Washington County, TN.

The retired Director of the Washington County / Johnson City Animal Shelter was targeted in an elaborate internet scam that began as what appeared to be a Microsoft virus alert.

“I noticed a pop up that kept saying ‘your computer has a virus… you’re being warned,’ Dobbs said.   That pop up led to a phone call.

“He sounded legitimate,” she said.  “He knew more than I did about computers.”

While the scammer was still on the phone, she called 911 and got help from the Washington County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Office.

Scam victims also can fight back by reporting the scam to the Federal Trade Commission through the agency’s FTC Complaint Assistant page.

  • Click here, to report a complaint about a company to the Federal Trade Commission.

You can help protect yourself and your family from becoming scam victims.  Here are the 11 Questions you need to ask to prevent yourself from becoming a scam victim.

Click on the image to download our 11 tips to protect you and your family from scams. (.pdf)


Protect yourself and spread the word:

  • Click here, to sign up for scam alerts from the Federal Trade Commission
  • Click here, to alert the Federal Trade Commission about a scam
  • Click here, to report a complaint about a company to the Federal Trade Commission:

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