Holston View Elementary teaches students how to be entrepreneurs with ‘Shark Tank’ tv show experience

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL) – Students at Holston View Elementary got the chance to be entrepreneurs and see what it would be like pitch product ideas to real investors.

5th-grade teachers used the television show Shark Tank as an example to give the students the real life experience of creating a product to sell and developing a marketing plan.

Teachers said even though this exercise was meant for the students to compete, students still helped each other when needed.

5th-grade teacher Diana Bush said “We are big on letting them give each other feedback and give each other constructive criticism. Throughout the process, they were able to help their peers and work collaboratively to create a perfect product.”

Students said the experience they have gained from the exercise has made them more confident.

5th-grade student Micah Bechtold said, “At first I was nervous, but then when I got out there, I knew my product really well so it was just easy from then on.”

Students pitched ideas like personal laptop covers, cushioned corners for baseball bases, and a product that helps you if you forget to pack something in your luggage.

This is the second year teachers have used the show the Shark Tank to teach students about product development and marketing research.

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