Greene County commissioner calling for repairs to school buses leaking oil

GREENE COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – Greene County schools are already facing a major bus driver shortage and now another bump in the road. Some buses on the fleet are leaking oil posing a potential problem.

A Greene County commissioner is calling on the school system to address issues with broken down school buses after fielding concerns from parents. Commissioner Eddie Jennings showed us several patches of oil where school buses appear to be leaving at Camp Creek Elementary.

“When you’ve got a bus that has leaked all school year, that tells me that you are not doing your job,” Eddie Jennigs said.

Jennings showed News Channel 11 oil stains on the ground where buses park in the afternoons to pick up students, he believes several Greene county school buses suffer from constant leaks.

His wife, is a bus driver within the school system. Jennings is now calling on school leaders and mechanics to do everything necessary to ensure that all buses are in tip top shape.

“The tax payer are paying them to do a job and they need to do it,” Jennings said.

If bus drivers have an issue with their buses here to the Greene county School bus garage it is here where mechanics look at the busses to inspect them and see if there is a problem.

“If we do have bus go down we have a spare to replace it until we get the orginal bus fixed and then we put it back on the route,” George Frye said.

Assistant Director of Operations George Frye says for the most part school buses do suffer from oil leaks but the problems are not major except for one bus that is in need of major repairs.

“Its a complicated cat engine that we have to take the whole crank case off it to replace a gasket and it will take us a few days, currently it is not endangering the bus or the students,” George Frye said.

Frye says newer school buses are reserved for longer distances, like sporting events and field trips.

“We do try to take them and put our kids in a newer bus because it is safer and we don’t have a break down,” Frye said.

Still Eddie Jennings is hopeful repairs are soon made to broken buses. In the mean time school leaders are continuing their efforts to replace old vehicles by added a half a dozen buses each year.

The one bus being removed from the streets for repairs is expected to be fixed in time for the new school year.

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