JCPD landlord’s rental unit vacated, given more time to repair

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – A six-unit apartment complex owned by a Johnson City police officer is now vacant as the city gives the landlord 30 more days to finish repairs.

Johnson City Chief Building Official Jim Sullivan says the Board of Dwelling Standards recently ordered Michael Butler to temporarily vacate the building on Montgomery Street, pending those repairs.

Sullivan says Butler has significantly improved many of the more than 90 safety and health violations previously found at the home, including a roach infestation and electrical hazards. He says he thinks Butler’s learned a valuable lesson.

“I believe that the landlord in this case has learned that maintenance is cheaper than repairs and if you maintain your property, then it’s much less expensive in the long run,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan says he is hopeful the city’s efforts prevented major problems. He believes people will one day be able to live in the apartment complex again.

“We’re here to improve the building stock of Johnson City and to look out for the life safety of all of its occupants,” he said. “I feel that this will have a successful closing.”

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