Bristol Regional Medical Center board members ‘walk mile’ in nurse’s shoes

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL) – Bristol regional Medical Center hosted a “walk a mile” in a nurse’s shoes today for the hospital’s board members.

Putting on their scrubs, board members worked with nurses as they do their everyday jobs.

They helped nurses perform everyday patient care. They even helped with technical procedures such a heart catheter.

BRMC Board Chair Chris Lee worked in the catheterization laboratory during his visit.

Lee said people just don’t realize how hard a nurse’s job is.

“Most people don’t have an appreciation. I wouldn’t have either if I didn’t get to come and see what goes on within these walls every day,” said Lee

Monitoring patient care is another reason board members participate in the event.

Lee said it’s important for the board members to work beside of these nurses to see the quality of care that the patients of the hospital are receiving.

“They really are very professional. They know exactly what they are doing. The customer care has been fantastic. It’s really amazing to me what they do each and every day,” Lee said

Nurses typically work 12 hours during their shifts.

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