Neighbors relieved after drug raid leads to arrests in Bristol, VA

Jackie Vinson (on the left) and Lea N. Potter (on the right) (Source: Bristol, Virginia Police Department)

BRISTOL, VA (WJHL) – Two people are facing charges in Bristol, Virginia following a drug raid Monday night.

Officers arrested 48-year-old Jackie Barr-Vinson and 22-year-old Leah Potter at an apartment on Lee Street in Bristol, Virginia.

Neighbors had made several complaints about suspicious activity happening at the apartment.

“It was real concerning,” said Willard Boyd.

He said he was relieved to see arrests made.

“We noticed it was a lot of traffic, ongoing traffic,” he said.

Boyd said people would leave the apartment on the 500-block of Lee Street with what appeared to be drugs.

Captain Maynard Ratcliff with the Bristol, Virginia Police Department says the neighborhood watch in that area had been complaining about the activity at the apartment.

“We’ve had numerous complaints during the past few months from people who live in the neighborhood,” Captain Ratcliff said.

He said it took a few months to obtain a search warrant.

“Cases like this take a long time sometimes to get enough evidence to have probable cause to search,” he explained.

Around 9:30 Monday night, officers with the Bristol, Virginia and Bristol, Tennessee Police Departments and the Virginia State Police finally executed their search warrant.

“People in the neighborhood probably heard a lot of loud explosion type noises last night when we made out entry to the house,” Ratcliff said.

He says they used flash bangs as a distraction to those inside the apartment.

During the search officers said they found drugs and a weapon.

They arrested Leah Potter and charged her with possession of methamphetamine.

Jackie Barr-Vinson is charged with possession with intent to distribute meth, possession of heroin, and other charges.

Joann Barr is Jackie’s sister.

“I’m going to stand behind her because you know what? She’s not guilty until proven guilty. So, I don’t care what they found but still you know, that’s how I look at it,” Barr said.

Meanwhile, neighbors are thanking officers for what they’re calling a job well done.

“I hope that this closes an operation down like this on this street,” Boyd said.

Barr-Vinson is being held without bond in the Bristol, Virginia City Jail.

Potter is out of jail.

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