Flooding leaves campgrounds near Norris Lake underwater


NORRIS (WATE) – Last week’s flooding is still causing big problems for East Tennesseans. Some campsites aren’t available because of the excess water.

Loyston Point Campground in Anderson County has seen several feet of flooding. Officials hope the spillway being open at Norris Dam will help those campgrounds and marinas.

The spill right now dumps more than three million gallons of water a minute. Workers at Loyston Point said the water is definitely not going out as quickly as it came in last week.

“They’re booked. This is where a lot of people like to come,” said Loyston Point Manager Gail Edwards.

Campers aren’t expecting their sites to be underwater.

VIDEO: Norris Dam spills for first time since 2013

“We have never seen the water come up this quick,” said Edwards.

Water rose six inches every hour during last week’s storm. Around 10 feet of shoreline past the trees is still covered by water. Fortunately, campers moved their things to higher ground a day before the storm – that is except for once camper that’s now stuck in a few feet of water.

“We had two or three tries of getting it out of there and it wasn’t going to go,” said Edwards.

Edwards says the owner is now in South Carolina buying a new camper. Meanwhile, Loyston Point management is fixing up the sites and picking up debris.

“I’ve got good clientele here and they will be back,” said Edwards.

Some have already popped in to call dibs on those prime spots once they’re dry and above water again. Edwards says the water has gone down a few feet in the last few days and they hope to have everything back open by Memorial Day.

The Tennessee Valley Authority says they are starting to see the lake go down about a foot a day and levels should be back to normal by the beginning of next week.

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