NASCAR driver Kyle Busch hopes to end his drought at BMS this weekend

BRISTOL — After 7 races this season it’s hard to believe the Joe Gibbs team has not won a race, that includes 2015 NASCAR champion Kyle Busch, but the Bristol Motor Speedway might be the right medicine for him this weekend.

Few drivers have dominated the Monster Energy Cup series at BMS over the last 15 years like Kyle who’s placed the M&M Toyota in victory lane 4 times.

Despite his successes, Kyle hasn’t won at Bristol since spring of 2011, but he’s looking forward to stage racing and the extra grip which has given drivers choices.

“I don’t think with the format change that it really changes a whole lot of how you attack the race track you know there may be opportunities where you are 10 laps from a segment break or something like that and you know you need top pit  or you stay out and you will have a good chance of taking that segment so you might as well take those points or something, but I liked it last year when we had the “grip strip” let’s call it down on the bottom that was funny it actually brought the racing back to 2 grooves a little bit again I enjoyed running the lower side I feel I have always been really good at running the lower side there but also the top is still fast so it lending itself to better action in the fall.”

The only other active driver with 5 wins at Bristol is Kyle’s brother Kurt Busch. Good tickets still remain, racing starts on Friday.


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