Food and souvenir vendors gear up for big weekend

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL-TV – Early souvenir shoppes were out at Bristol Motor Speedway this afternoon.

Vendors were just setting up their tables as Sandra and Blane Wilson from Front Royal, Virginia were trying to find that perfect addition to their collection.

“We’re looking for something we don’t already have, our whole basement isis full of NASCAR,”, Wilson said, “we’ve got lots of Gordon, lots of Junior. We go for the older drivers, cause I’ve been in it for years, I go back to the Pettys and Yarboroughs, stuff like that.”

It was raining lightly as the food vendors and souvenir tents were breaking out the plastic covers to keep the merchandise dry. In addition to food, race fans can find just about anything under the sun with your favorite driver’s name or number on it as well as many items from Bristol Motor Speedway. But it’s the rare or out of the ordinary item that keeps the Wilsons on the hunt.

“You name it, we’ve got it, We have pictures, hats, the flag set. We even found, in Pennsylvania, we found a NASCAR neon sign. Very rare, I’ve never seen one before.”, Wilson said.

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