NC woman photographs ball of slithering snakes along jogging trail

(Source: CNN)

CHARLOTTE, NC (CNN) – People who use a jogging path in Charlotte, NC are a little on edge, after a woman found a large ball of slithering snakes.

She was able to get some pictures, which really creeped out her fellow joggers.

You may spot some ducks and you’ll see plenty of exercising, but just keep your eyes open.

(Source: CNN)

“I just saw what I thought was one big snake and I looked down and I saw probably 10-20 different snakes,” said Christine Proffitt.

Proffitt says she was down towards the water along the rocks. She does her walks early in the morning and spotting snakes is not uncommon.

“I tend to see at least 1-5 snakes every morning. I get there early, but I got a late start this morning and got a little warmer and they were all out there sunbathing in a little ball, a big ball,” said Proffitt.

Naturally, she snapped some pictures before booking it away from the snuggling snakes.

Funky may be one word to describe it. We’re told this group of slithering serpents is likely a mating ball.

“Snakes are coming out of hibernation and they’re beginning to mate so they’re sunning in very obvious places,” said David Crowe of Critter Control.

That explains why this group was spotted out in the open here on Monday. But, if you happen to come into contact with a snake.

“Take something like a broom or maybe a rake and just ease the snake away. They’re not looking for trouble,” said Crowe.

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