NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski talks about upcoming stage racing at BMS

BRISTOL —   As the monster energy cup series drivers prepare to roll into Bristol Motor Speedway this weekend, Roger Penske driver Brad Keselowski is the only one with two wins.
Ironcially Keselowski who’s 4th in the points standings has yet to pick up a stage win this season.
each race is comprised of stages and drivers can collect as much as 10 points if they finish in the top 10 in each stage..
but Keselowski feels the stage racing will make little difference at Bristol this weekend.

“I not really sure the new format is going to effect Bristol Motor Speedway we’re going to learn real quick aren’t we that track has been one that’s so dynamic the bottom, the top of the race track, the middle of the race track you seemed like you run every lane and it’s like you have to be so adaptive as drivers which makes it a fun challenge but we’ve had a lot of success thru the years and hopefully we can do it again and win another race there.”

Keselowski has won 2 times at Bristol, but that was 2011 and 2012 when he was in a dodge.

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