Carter County Easter tradition celebrates 194th year

ELIZABETHTON, TN (WJHL) – A Carter County Easter tradition celebrated its 194th year Sunday.

What started as a debate nearly two centuries ago has turned into a tradition where family and friends gather for the legendary Peters Hollow egg fight.

“The farmers in Rome Hollow challenged the farmers of Peters Hollow to whose chickens laid the hardest eggs,” said host Norman Peters.

Competitors bring dozens of hard boiled eggs, sit in a circle, and start tapping.

“Whoever has an egg left at the end of the contest is the winner,” Peters said.

The fighters do have different theories about what makes an “eggs-cellent” winner.

“They say the more oyster shells you feed them the harder the eggs are,” said Peters.

“People have been saying you’ve got to boil them in onion hulls and all this stuff. Most of it is the chicken really, the certain breed of chicken will lay harder eggs, I guess,” said participant Carson Peters.

“I think a lot of it is just luck and superstition,” one participant said.

But everyone can agree, it all boils down to a fun day for visiting with friends and family, and carrying on a tradition that’s not cracking any time soon.

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