Local Army veteran prepares for a new home thanks to non-profit organization

JONESBOROUGH, TN (WJHL) – A Tri-Cities area veteran is preparing for a new chapter in his life in a brand new home.

The national non-profit organization, “Homes For Our Troops” is preparing to break ground on a home for 26-year-old, Sgt. Joshua Hall. Hall said a VA grant also helped.

In 2012, Hall stepped on a hidden explosive device while deployed in Afghanistan. The blast almost ended his life and he now uses a prosthetic left leg to get around.

News Channel 11’s Josh Smith interviewed Hall back in 2013, a year after the incident.

Now five years after the blast, Hall tells us he wants to start working with kids and veterans who also have amputations and his strong Christian faith has kept him positive and moving forward.

“I actually remember taking my last breath then woke up two weeks later,” Hall said recounting the day his life changed forever.

The blast blew him 30 feet causing his left leg to be amputated and various other injuries. He’s since had a child, something doctors said wouldn’t happen.

“Got a two-year-old son, told me I probably couldn’t have kids, there he is,” Hall said.

Hall was born in Johnson City and grew up in Jonesborough, that’s where “Homes For Our Troops”, a non-profit dedicated to building and donating customs homes for veterans, plans to build his home.

The home site is on the same street Hall grew up.

With his son Liam by his side and his family, he’s looking forward to continuing to recover in a home made for him.

“If I need the wheelchair it’s there and to be able to wash dishes without putting my leg on and to go in his room or whatever that’s going to be huge,” Hall said

Hall still can’t believe he’s getting a home; “I’ll believe it when I’m sitting in the living room,” he said.

He’s looking forward to establishing roots for his son and family.

“Being able to do something like make his room the way he wants it and not have to worry about packing it up or put a playground in the backyard, that’ll be great,” Hall said.

The Community kickoff event to celebrate the start of the home’s construction is Saturday Apr. 22 at 10 a.m. at VFW Post 9724, 2463 Highway 11E in Telford, TN. The public is welcome.

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