TDOT lists region’s top highways in need of maintenance

SULLIVAN COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – The Tennessee Department of Transportation lists 40 state highways at the top of its list when it comes to regional resurfacing needs, but 30 of them are still waiting on state funding, according to a spokesperson.


With a gas tax hike up for a vote next week in Nashville, TDOT, with the governor’s help, is hoping to secure more money for various road projects in the state, including Tennessee’s resurfacing needs.

TDOT’s most recent top 40 maintenance list shows every county in the region represented with at least one stretch of road in need of maintenance. Sullivan County is home to 10 stretches of road that are waiting on funding for maintenance, according to TDOT’s list.

TDOT spokesperson Mark Nagi said the agency would like to resurface the state’s interstates at least once every 10 years and its state routes at least once every twelve years.

“We’d like to get them resurfaced sooner than later and if we get more funding, we can get them resurfaced sooner than later,” he said. “It’s something that unfortunately, we’re not able to get to as quickly as we like, but it’s something that each and every year we have our list of the roadways that we want to be resurfaced. We get to a decent number of them, but unfortunately we don’t get to all of them every year.”

Of the top 40 routes on TDOT’s list, Nagi said the agency’s secured funding to resurface the top 10 this year. Those include sections of roads in Sullivan, Johnson, Washington and Hawkins counties and three routes in Greene County.


Lawmakers are expected to vote on the proposed gas tax increase Wednesday. If passed, it would fund a $10.5 billion backlog of almost 1,000 road and bridge projects through a tax hike on gas and diesel.

TDOT is in the process of putting together its resurfacing priority list for 2017, according to Nagi. He said the agency evaluates it maintenance list yearly.

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