Kingsport man describes truck crash through yard

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) – Some in a Kingsport community rushed to help a man after police said his truck crashed into a home.

The crash happened Thursday evening in the 1900 block of West Stone Drive, close to exit one on Interstate 26.

Police said a white Dodge Ram pickup truck was traveling eastbound on West Stone Drive when it swerved to the left, crossed the westbound lanes and hit a home. Police believe the driver suffered a serious medical emergency and that could be the cause of the crash.

The four people inside the home were not hurt but they were shaken up.

James Hall rents the home with his family, “all of a sudden we heard this loud whur coming across the driveway,” he said.

That sound wasn’t the lawn mower he was trying to crank up in his yard; it was the sound of a pick-up truck crashing into his yard.

“He came across the median there and right up in our driveway,” Hall said.

Hall said he and several bystanders ran to the car to try and help the driver but emergency crews arrived soon after and were able to help him.

Hall’s step daughter Riley Christopher was in her room right above where the car struck the house.

“It sent adrenaline through pretty much my entire body,” Christopher said.

Emergency crews spent the evening working to get the car out of the yard, using saws to cut away toppled trees and a tow truck to pull the car out.

Hall and Christopher were happy their family was okay but concerned about the driver.

“He took about four or five breaths but after that he was unconscious,” Hall said.

Kingsport Police did not identify the driver. He was taken to an area hospital in critical condition. The crash is still under investigation.

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