Kingsport church holds Walk With The Cross event

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL-TV) – One downtown Kingsport church commemorated Good Friday with an event that circled one neighborhood completely.

The Shades of Grace Church on East Sullivan St. had their 3rd annual Walk With The Cross event this morning beginning at 11 am at the church. Participants in the walk followed the person who was carrying the cross and they walked down Sullivan St., then circled around to Dale St., paused for a short break, prayer and song in a local park pavilion, and then proceeded around Anderson Apartments and then back down Center St. to Sullivan St. and back to the church.

“It’s very important for us to remain in our downtown neighborhood, we, a few times a year, walk around the perimeter of this building and we try to reach out to our neighbors, as our scripture asks “who is our neighbor?”, and so often we really don’t know our neighbors, “Pastor Will Shewey said, “So we try to build good relationships and share our Christian faith.”

The walk began with around 15-20 people walking, but when the group arrived back at the church, there were 30-40 people walking.

“We picked up a few walkers along the way, as we do each year, and I think it was the same way on the original Good Friday as people followed Jesus to the cross,”, Shewey added, “But we do this each Good Friday, this is our 3rd year in downtown Kingsport as a congregation and so we do this as a witness to our faith on this, our most holy Christian day when we commemorate what Jesus did for us.”

Each person that walked today were able to carry the cross and lead the procession if they wanted to and most took a turn at the front.

“I think that is the way that the Christian faith should be, it should be ever increasing and sometimes we never know the results of our witness, but today, as we picked up maybe 15 extra people as we walked, then I think that is a testament to what we’re doing here today.”, Shewey said.

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