Dozens of kids participate in Easter egg hunt in Unicoi Co.

UNICOI COUNTY, TN (WJHL-TV) – More than 100 kids in Unicoi Co. spent this afternoon hunting for Easter eggs and having an old fashion good time.

The 7th annual Old Fashioned Easter event put on by the Town of Unicoi History Group held at the Bogart-Bowman Cabin. The big event was the egg hunt, but there were other fun things to do like dying eggs the old fashion way, sack races and even getting the chance to meet the Easter Bunny and have a picture made with him.

“We invite kids from the area to come and hunt easter eggs and we have the old timey ways of dying eggs with natural dyes for them to try out, and we have games and stickers, a sack race, running with an egg in a spoon race, and some goodies for them, snacks. We want everybody to come out and have a good time.”, Town of Unicoi History Group Chairman Pat Lynch said.

There was even an Easter bonnet contest. They were expecting around 100 children, but many more that that showed up. Kids could collect up to 12 eggs and exchange them for gifts after it was over.

Lynch added, “Started out, we probably had maybe 30-40 people the first time, and last year I think we had over 100 so we’re looking today to maybe 100 kids come back again, especially since it is such a pretty day.”

For a lot of the kids, this was the first time that they experienced the old fashion way of coloring eggs and other old traditions.

“A lot of these things, the kids don’t get to do anymore, but we try to show them how things were done in the past,”, Lynch said, “I think a lot of them really enjoy it, they really get into how the dyes are made, sometimes for our event, we bake bread in the old brick over, and that is always a big hit with them, too.”

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