Local lawmaker considering new amendments to Gov. Haslam’s transportation funding plan

GREENE COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – A local lawmaker is considering new amendments to Tennessee governor Bill Haslam’s transportation funding plan.

This despite a senate finance committee vote Wednesday to advance the governor’s measure –that would also make cuts to state grocery taxes, and earnings from stocks and bonds.

The governor’s proposal, which includes Tennessee’s first fuel tax hike in thirty years is now headed for a full floor vote in the state senate.

Representative David Hawk, of Greene County, as well as House Speaker Beth Harwell and other house lawmakers say they want to remove that gas tax hike.

Representative Hawk crafted an alternative plan that aimed to take substantial portions of sales tax generated from car sales and create new taxes on electric and hybrid cars. Hawk told us he withdrew that amendment in a house committee Tuesday because he felt the proposal didn’t have enough support.

“I will continue to move forward with amendments to transportation funding to better reflect what my constituents want to see happen in the state of Tennessee,” Hawk said.

Governor Haslam says his transportation funding plan is key to begin tackling a $10 billion dollar backlog in Tennessee road and bridge projects.

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