Milligan students celebrate Marvelous Monday

MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TN (WJHL-TV) – Milligan College faculty, staff and students awoke to a nice surprise this morning.

The school’s annual rite of spring, Wonderful Wednesday, was happening today, but since it was on a Monday, it was called Marvelous Monday this year.

“That’s part of the secrecy and fun of it and so Wonderful Wednesday has been going on since 1969, it’s expected, at least in the season of spring, however the day, it can be different and that’s part of the fun and part of the anticipation of it,”, Director of Campus Activity Jason Onks said, “Sometimes it works out to be on Wednesday, hence the Wonderful Wednesday name. Sometimes maybe it’s on a Marvelous Monday or a Terrific Tuesday, still, it’s really in general known as Wonderful Wednesday, regardless of what day it is.”

This annual event allows students, faculty and staff to cut loose for a day of fun after the long winter of studies and gives them a little breather heading into the final part of the academic year.

“Milligan really invests a lot in the students, not just academically, but outside of the classroom as well, and so this is a really great opportunity for the students and the faculty and staff to be able to have a break from everything they’ve been working hard for throughout this year,”, Onks said, “And as it is coming near the end of the school year, then this break helps give them that mental break to help them be at their best, hopefully in the classroom and with all the work they are doing here.”

A notice and map of events is slid under the doors of all students living on campus informing them that it is Wonderful Wednesday/Marvelous Monday. At the same time, a campus wide e-mail is sent out, there is an alert sent out and notice is sent out thru social media. There was a hot air balloon, brunch, inflatables, water slide, petting zoo, intramural sports, there is a dinner at night as well as bubble soccer, fireworks and a zootopia movie outside.

Onks added, “A lot of intramural sports are going on, that is a pretty big part of the campus community participating in that as we have dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, sand volleyball and then we have bubble soccer that is going to take place in our field house, where we play basketball, tonight. Most of the campus community will come and watch that because it is quite a spectator sport.”

The highlight of Marvelous Monday seemed to be the newly located water slide. The lines were plenty long on this nearly 80 degree spring day.

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