Milligan library hosts 7th annual Edible Books Festival

MILLIGAN COLLEGE, TN (WJHL-TV) – The Milligan College Library has combined two really fun activities into one on this Marvelous Monday, reading and eating.

The 7th annual Edible Books Festival is April 10 and 11 in the college’s P.H. Welshimer Library. There are thirteen entries this year that include everything from creative concoctions based on book titles to depictions of famous literary characters.

“Every year i’m just amazed because they’re new and different, you think oh, we might start repeating things but we don’t. Every year is new. This year we have 13 entries and it is from faculty, staff and students. So it’s a real opportunity for Milligan people to show kind of a creative side.”, Research and Instruction Librarian Mary Jackson said.

Books ranging from “The Wizard of Oz” to “Heart of Darkness” to “Dante’s Inferno” to “Rapunzel” to “Game of Thrones” to “Bob’s Burgers Burger Book”. There is even an entry for “Hamlet”, but it is only a rolled up piece of ham.

“some people probably spent maybe less than a minute making theirs, and some people probably spent hours putting their things together. A lot of times it’s just, getting the idea is the hardest part, at least from some of the people. I make some every year and it’s gettingthe3 idea,”, Jackson said, “Once they get the idea, it’s not that hard to put it together, but some people put a lot of work and effort in to it.”

Milligan College sophomore Katie-Starr Harrell helped create one of this year’s entries based on the book “Heart of Darkness”.

“Of course, the book is titled Heart of Darkness, so we had to put a black heart,”, Harrell said, “One of the best quotes in the book is “oh the horror”, and so that is kinda what we were going for, there’s a scene where the main character walks to this house and there’s like heads on sticks and I was like “there has to be heads on sticks”.”

Voting goes on from 10 am – 10 pm on Monday, then Mary Jackson will count all the ballots on Tuesday morning. Then the library staff will taste all of the entries and vote on tastiest. All the prizes are awarded at 10am and then the doors are opened and they are all eaten. Except for Hamlet’s piece of ham, it will be thrown away for safety. Winners get a gift card to Dunkin Donuts.

Harrell added, “I love it, I think Milligan College Library does a fantastic job every year. This is the second year I have actually attended the festival, it was on Marvelous Mo day last year as well. I think it is a great way to get students involved in reading and really understanding the book that they are reading so they can go ahead and make fun, edible food out of it.”

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