Dobyns-Bennett hands head coach Ryan Wagner his 200th victory

KINGSPORT — On to the high school diamond dobyns bennett hosting david crockett. Bottom of the 2nd, Indians up 1-0 with two on, Logan Huelette with the liner to left the fielder with the diving attempt but misses Logan Whitehead will score to make 2-0.
More Indians now 3-0, Cannon Ferrell with the perfect bunt up the line Huelette will score from third to make 4-0. Next batter Quinten Polinski rips it down the left field line one run will score on the double by Polinski as he motors in from second to make 5-0. Next batter, Wofford signee Parker Hill rips it into the gap in left center and that will clear the bases two runs will score as Indians put up a 16 spot in the 2nd and goes on to win tonight 19-6. It was coach Ryan Wagners 200th victory at D-B.

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