OneKingsport moving forward with first year projects

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) – About one year ago, Kingsport finalized 100 big ideas they hope to see implemented in the city.

It’s a five-year initiative called OneKingsport and focuses on seven different areas: arts and entertainment, destination city investments, downtown revitalization, health and wellness, higher education, housing and job creation.

The city said projects are ongoing to address each of those areas.

“Each of the focus area work groups made a presentation showing these are the things that we feel are most important to move our city forward,” said Lynn Tully, Development Services Director for the City of Kingsport.

That was a year ago. From there, 100 big ideas were finalized, with 35 slated for year one.

“Since that time, funding was received in October of last year,” Tully said.

That funding totaled about $950 thousand dollars, Tully said, coming from the general fund, with extra money there through an increase in the city sanitation fee. That money is allocated for this fiscal year, ending June 30th.

“We received enough funding to go ahead and start those 35 ideas,” said Tully.

She said a few stand out.

“Working on the General Shale property, securing that investment, those negotiations are currently in place,” said Tully. “The proposal originally was for an amphitheater.”

Others in the works include a new parklet area in cooperation with the Kingsport Center for Higher Education for students to socialize, as well as public murals.

“OneKingsport is helping to fund the redevelopment of all the public housing in Kingsport,” Tully added of another project.

She said the OneKingsport advisory commission is already looking into what ideas they hope to see move forward in year two.

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