Missing teen’s dad calls teacher ‘nothing but a liar’

Tad Cummins and Elizabeth Thomas at a Walmart in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on March 15, 2017. (Courtesy: TBI)

COLUMBIA, Tenn. (AP/WKRN) – The father of a Tennessee teenager says the 50-year-old teacher she vanished with last month is “nothing but a liar.”

Anthony Thomas tried to deliver a message to his missing 15-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, on Wednesday by telling WKRN-TV  “we all need you home.” He said teacher Tad Cummins is “filtering” the news the girl sees. He urged Cummins to turn himself in.

“I want to tell her, Elizabeth, that man may be telling you that nobody’s looking for you, or he may even be telling you that nobody wants you home,” Anthony Thomas said. “Don’t listen to that. Everything he said to all the kids, not just you, has been a lie. He’s nothing but a liar. We all want you home. We all need you home.”

(Source: TBI)

Cummins and Thomas were reported missing on March 13. The last confirmed sighting of the pair was two days later at an Oklahoma City Walmart. Police have issued an Amber alert for Thomas and say they have warrants charging Cummins with sexual contact with a minor and aggravated kidnapping.

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“I would like to just urge Tad Cummins, I know you’re keeping up with all this and you’re filtering,” Anthony Thomas said. “You’re not letting her see how much people out here love her. You’re depriving her of that. It would make better sense for you to turn yourself in to law enforcement. If you turn yourself in, there are laws that will guarantee your general safety.”

A tree was planted in honor of Thomas in a Tennessee park Wednesday as part of national crime victim’s rights week.

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