Homeowner seeks answers after body found on property in Rogersville

HAWKINS COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate after a woman’s body was found in a septic tank overflow pond on Wednesday.

Investigators received the call around 4 p.m. from a home on Meadowview Road in Rogersville.

Deputies say the body was there for two or three days and has not yet been identified.

Teresa Blackwell lives on the property where the body was found.

“So me and my husband, he came around here. We went through that little gate right up there to get the rakes and stuff. And I turn around and come back down and seen her laying there,” Blackwell explained.

She said at first, they weren’t sure what they were looking at.

“My husband thought it was a dummy, you know them dummies they make? But it wasn’t. It was somebody.”

Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson said the woman did not have identification on her.

“I’m hoping I find out who she is and where she came from. Because I don’t even know where she came from or how she got there,” Blackwell said.

Penny Gibbons lives nearby. She said she is concerned.

“You know it’s still a shock. I mean it’s so close. It don’t matter if it was murder or if it was just an accidental death. I mean, it’s just a shock,” Gibbons said.

Blackwell said she has no idea how the woman got there.

“Stumped myself, you know what I’m saying? I’ve wondered my mind, I’ve thought in my mind how she got there, which way she came in, or what. I don’t know I just don’t know,” Blackwell said.

Sheriff Lawson says the woman had a tattoo on her stomach and they hope that helps in identifying her.

In the meantime, neighbors are hopeful to get answers soon.

“I’m just sorry that it happened. There’s no cause for it,” Gibbons said.

The sheriff’s office hopes the public can provide information to help identify this woman.

If you have information that could aid investigators, call the sheriff’s office at 423.272.4848.

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