ETSU “erection” request returns hundreds of internal emails

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – One colonoscopy joke sent from one staff member to another, plenty of spam and medical and construction emails are among the hundreds of internal East Tennessee State University emails provided to Dr. David Champouillon’s attorney containing the terms “erection” or “erections,” according to public records.

ETSU notified employees last month of the attorney’s request for emails including those words. That request followed a university internal investigation that found the longtime, tenured music professor sexually harassed two faculty members and behaved inappropriately in front of faculty and students.

President Dr. Brian Noland is considering whether or not to uphold the recommendation to fire Dr. Champouillon. In the meantime, Dr. Champouillon remains on paid administrative leave.

Dr. Champouillon’s attorney hasn’t said why he requested the emails. He first requested emails containing “jokes of a sexual or erotic nature,” including emails that include seven other words, most describing parts of the male and female body, according to university records. ETSU reports it denied the initial request because it was too broad.

After reviewing the emails related to the request, a university spokesperson told us he found “nothing that would be considered concerning.”

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