Waltrip, Allgaier join BMS for Food City 500 preview in Nashville

NASHVILLE, TN- Bristol Motor Speedway, a track drivers love or love to hate.

“One of them said, you ought to fill it up with water and fish in it instead of race on it,” said Darrell Waltrip.

“How often do you go to a race track where the cars can literally be bumper to bumper all the way around and racing each other and battling each other,” said Justin Allgaier.

Waltrip and Allgaier joined BMS for a Food City 500 weekend preview luncheon in the Music City Tuesday, disussing the new stage formats, lower groove work, fan experience and much more.

The biggest talking point in Nashville was the new stage formats. Fans and drivers are excited to see how the strategy and aggression will play out at Bristol Motor Speedway after what they saw at Martinsville between Ricky Stenhouse jr. and Kyle Busch.

“Came to the end of that stage, boy you could feel the intensity pick up,” said Waltrip. “We see a lot more racing coming to the end of one of those stages then we’ve ever seen before.”

“First two stages are going to be extremely aggressive,” Allgaier said. “The bonus points and the year end points are huge, but I think that you have to add in the Dash 4 Cash, making that next round.”

Like the Night Race, the track will use a substance on the lower grip to give drivers more options and bring back an aggressive style of racing. And Bristol Motor Speedway’s most successful driver approves.

“Seemed like that sealer they put on the bottom really helped the racing there this past year, something that Jerry (Caldwell) wanted to try and it worked pretty good,” Waltrip said. “It’s what they use in drag racing. Think they ought to put it all over the whole track to tell you the truth, seal up the whole thing!”

Nashville has become a very important market for BMS the last few year, capitalizing on racing excitement in the Music City.

“Have a lot of race fans that come from over here” said Caldwell. “So it’s fun to get back over and showcase some NASCAR drivers to the world, to the Nashville world, and celebrate with them and invite everyone to come over and join us.”


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